About the Temple

The temple started out as a vision by His Holiness Acharya Maharaj Shree TejendraPrasadji Maharaj and shared his desire to one day set up a temple for devotees, not only from the Swaminarayan fellowship, but anyone who desired a better spiritual future. The vision has become a reality, through endless hard work, dedication, and selfless pride by devotees in Sydney to ensure His Holiness’s vision becomes a reality.

The temple will bring devotees from all walks of life to experience the richness of Hinduism, and the vastness of the Swaminarayan faith, with all its tradition. The temple will be a place for the young to ensure their cultural heritage is upheld through different activities.

Inauguration of Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir, ISSO, Blacktown

In 2006, Australasia proudly witnessed the establishment of its very first Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Sydney, New South Wales. This historic temple holds special significance as it was personally inaugurated by His Holiness Acharya 1008 Shree Koshalendraprasadji Maharaj, the seventh spiritual heir of the revered Almighty Lord Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan Himself.

The temple stands as a beacon of devotion, culture, and community, serving as a spiritual sanctuary for devotees in the heart of Sydney.

Temple’s Activities

Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir ISSO Blacktown is a vibrant centre that hosts a variety of activities catering to the spiritual, cultural, and community needs of its members. Some of the key activities include:

Satsang Sabha

Regular congregations where devotees come together for spiritual discourses, prayers, and devotional singing.

Gujarati Classes and Bal Sanskar Kendra

Educational programs aimed at teaching Gujarati language and imparting moral values to children.

Festival Celebrations

Joyous observance of Hindu festivals, fostering a sense of community and devotion.

Hall Hire

The temple premises are available for hire, providing a welcoming space for events, gatherings, and celebrations.


Offering catering services for special occasions within the community.

Humanitarian-Based Relief Activities

Engaging in charitable initiatives to support those in need, reflecting the temple’s commitment to social welfare.

Feel free to explore these enriching activities at Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir ISSO Blacktown! 🙏🌟