Every Sunday at 5:30pm, our Gujarati community comes together to become lost in the devotion of bhajans, to listen and understand the truths of kathas followed by wholesome prasad (dinner). This is an opportunity to bring our Swaminarayan community together and give a chance to serve and break from our everyday busy lives. We are also graced by Saints and Acharya of Kalupur, Ahmedabad throughout the year. 

Notices for important Hindu festivals are announced, warm welcomes to new members of our community, announcements of prayers for those we lost and an opportunity to learn about new progresses in our temple community are concluded before Aarti time. 

Tentative Agenda for Satsang Sabhas on Sundays starting at 5:30pm:

  • Bhajans/Kirtans 
  • Katha 
  • Announcements
  • Opportunity for Bal Sabha children to perform/speak on what they have learned.
  • Aarti and Nitya Niyam
  • Prasad (Dinner).

Many people take this opportunity to sponsor prasad for a Sabha. Whether it is the birth of your child, a celebration of a marriage or a chance to show gratitude to your faith – you are welcome to sponsor a dinner.