“The Acharyas shall perform pooja to Ganpatiji on the fourth day of the bright half month of Bhadharvo, and that of Hanuman on the fourteenth day of the dark half month of Ashwin.” Bhagwan has instructed, His Acharyas to perform pooja of their family idol, Hanumanji, on this day. However it is also instructed to all of His devotees to worship him on this day. 

Hanumanji is a sincere devotee of Lord Shree Ram, and is the son of the Wind God, Vayu. He served Lord Shree Ram with deep devotion and helped him rescue Sitaji from the capture of Ravaan. Hanumanji also looked over and served Ghanshyam Maharaj in the same way. He defeated Kalidutt’s Krutyas when they came to kill Ghanshyam Maharaj and as Nilkanth Varni whilst sleeping in a dark forest, it was again Hanumanji who came to fight off evil spirits who tried to harm Shree Hari. 

It can make one wonder. Lord Shree Ram is an Avatar of Bhagwan, and is a masterful archer. There is no doubt that He could have resuced Sitaji and kill Ravaan Himself. Almighty Swaminarayan Bhagwan can rid of all sorts of evil, even as child He killed Kalidutt himself. What was the need for Hanumanji’s help? The answer is that this is an example of deep devotion and service to the Lord. This is how the Almighty is pleased, through selfless service. Lord Shree Ram Himself signified the importance by proclaiming to Hanumanji, that those who worship Him on this day will never go to hell and will never be at harm from evil. 

Also on this day, Shree Krishna defeated an evil king known as Narkaasur. Narkaasur had imprisoned all the Gopis and took away all valuable objects. Shree Krishna returned all these objects and to restore their pride and dignity, He married the 16,000 maidens and protected them in Dwarika. 

Swaminarayan Bhagwan re-emphasises the importance of this day and to ensure all perform pooja of Hanumanji with offerings of oil, kumkum and akdana phool (calatrophis flowers).