King Kans was Shree Krishna’s maternal Uncle, brother of Devki, his mother. Kans was a tyrant in the village of Mathura. He fought viscous battles, killed with no justification, and resulted in many villagers fleeing away to save their lives. At the time of the marriage of his sister Devki to Vasudev, a Rishi (sage) foretold Kans that Devki’s eighth child will be the cause of his death. On hearing this, Kans sentenced away Devki and Vasudev to the palace cells where he killed Devki’s first 6 children. The seventh child, to become known as Balram, was moved to the womb of Rohini, Vasudev’s youngest wife. There, Kans was again reminded that, the eighth son was still to come and that he will get rid of this evil. 

So, at midnight, of Shravan Vad 8, the eighth Avatar of Purna Purushottam Narayan, Shree Krishna was born. At that moment, Bhagwan’s form appeared before Vasudev and Devki, instructing Vasudev to take Krishna to the village of Gokul, to the house of Nandraj and Yashoda. By the grace of Bhagwan, all the guards had passed out, the chains broke and the cell gates opened up to pave the path for Shree Krishna. Vasudev carried him in a basket, through the River Yamuna. Protecting Him from the heavy rain was Shesh Narayan, until he finally arrived at Nandraj’s house, where laid Yashoda and their baby girl. Vasudev exchanged the children and returned to Mathura. On hearing the news of the birth of the eighth child, Kans immediately tried to kill the baby, however she escaped and in her divine form told Kans his death was already waiting. 

11 years went by, in the village of Gokul, oblivious to Nandraj and Yashoda the divinity of their child. During this time, Shree Krishna played divine sports, and performed miracles only Bhagwan could perform. He mischievously stole buttermilk with his friends, and most famously spent most of his time playing his flute in the presence of his dearest devotee Radhikaji. When, the village was under threat from heavy rain and floods, he miraculously lifted the mountain of Govardhan on his small finger and protected all the villagers and animals. Which is why to this day, we do Govardhan poojan, to thank Bhagwan and his creations for protecting us. When the time had come, he defeated Kans and his evil, and re-enthroned the King. He instructed all to move to the city of Dwarka, where they will be most peaceful, under His protection. 

It was at Kurukshetra, the battleground where the great war of Mahabharat took place that he sided with Dharma and Truth with his cousins the Pandavas, to defeat another form of evil. He drove the chariot of Arjun, and told to him the Bhagwat Gita, where he explained the philosophy of Aatma (soul) and Dharma (duty). It is at this point that Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan reminds us that Arjun and Krishna is the form of Shree NarNarayan Dev, and that also we should not forget Shree Krishna or His leela’s and that He appears for the benefit of all. It is under his Aagna in the Shikshapatri that we should celebrate this day with great joy and do darshan before him at the Mandir. Also as per His instruction we should all observe a Vrat and fast on this day, so that we can solely focus on the Darshan of Bhagwan and His incarnations.