In Northern Gujarat’s village of Dangarva there lived a pious faithful devotee of Maharaj by the name of Jatanba. Her father’s name was Venibhai. She was very great – a Maha Mukta, at whose command it would even rain if willed by her. Maharaj often visited Dangarva and countless leelas have been recorded there.

Once Maharaj was undecided in which village to visit. The options were Karjisan or another village such as Dangarva. Jatanba said to Maharaj, “The decision is simple. If you wish for a luxurious feast then go to Karjisan otherwise if you wish for milk, yoghurt and the like then come to Dangarva.” Maharaj at this time decided to go to Dangarva along with his entourage of countless saints and haribhaktas.

Maharaj decided to celebrate a similar festival to Shakotsav as he did in Loya. And so Maharaj celebrated Dadhi Utsav at Jatanba’s residence. The festival was celebrated with great pleasure as Maharaj himself served the saints and haribhaktas offering them yoghurt. Maharaj and Brahmanand Swami had a great sense of humour and so Maharaj on this occasion poured yoghurt over the head of Brahmanand Swami and in this way he was left dripping. Everyone burst into laughter! What divine leela!

On the second day Kansar was prepared and so Maharaj again went round to serve Ghee to all devotees. Maharaj said to Jatan, “We will leave only once we’ve finished everthing!” Jatan replied, “O Lord! Because of your divine touch everything seems to stay in abundance. There is still plentiful supply of yoghurt, milk and ghee. These buffaloes continue to give milk to maintain a plentiful supply!” In this way Maharaj remained in Dangarva for a week and continued to celebrate Dadhi Utsav. Brahmanand Swami has written about this incident on many occasions in his poetry.

The supplies remained plentiful and so once Jatanba came and offered a large glass of Milk to Maharaj. Maharaj refused it saying that he’d just eaten and so was full but Jatanba insisted remarking “This is your punishment for saying that you would leave only once all supplies had finished – but the supplies are still plentiful.” Maharaj accepted his punishment and lovingly drank the milk. In this way Maharaj gave divine bliss to Jatanba and all devotees.