Karaniba was from Dhamadka in Kutch. The was a great devotee of Maharaj. She has also personally served Maharaj greatly. She had also assisted Brahmanand Swami greatly when he came to Dhamadka for learning.

Maharaj had often gone to Dhamadka. Indeed elder saints say that earlier to Narnarayan Dev being installed in Bhuj, there was talk of building a temple in Dhamdka instead. This was as a result of the love of devotees such as Karaniba and Raiyaganji.

One Maharaj came to Dhamadka bare-footed. He came to Karaniba’s house for food. After which he said to Karaniba, “There are so many splinters in my foot, please remove them!” Karaniba took Maharaj’s feet into her hands and loving removed the splinters. Great big splinters were being removed when she scolded Maharaj by saying, “You do not look after yourself and just mess about!” Just like a mother would say to a young child in tu-kar, Karaniba began to scold Maharaj with tears flowing from her eyes. Shre removed 18 splinters!

Maharaj lovingly replied, “Mother, on my way here there was a brahmin who was walking bare-footed. Seeing him I was overcome with compassion and therefore I took off my sandals and gave them to him and therefore I have out splinter. Another thing Mother, how can I sit doing nothing when I have got so many souls to liberate!” In this was the loving conversation continued between and mother and child.

Maharaj was greatly pleased by her service and granted her a boon. Karaniba requested, “Maharaj, I was unable to attend the Utsavs you have celebrated in Jetalpur, Ahmedabad, Gadhada etc. due to being elderly and frail. I therefore request that I should have darshan of all the utsavas and leelas that you may perform sitting here in Dhamadka.” Thus Maharaj gave Karaniba Nivaran Drishti so that she may too have darshan from afar.

Once Maharaj came to Karaniba and himself adorned the clothings of a woman to disguise himself. What divine charitra! Brahmannd Swami later came and asked if Maharaj was present but Karaniba was sworn to say NO as Swami would surely mock him. But Brahmanand saw through Karaniba and entered Karaniba’s house. Overjoyed at seeing Maharaj with Gagro, sari and ornaments for the hands, feet and ears, he sang, “Taro gagaro geraro ray, gopi baniya giradhari…!” Maharaj said to Karaniba, “See, I told you Brahamand would mock me didn’t I!”