Laduba’s had very similar pure qualities as her elder sister. Both had firm uncompromising love and devotion for Maharaj. Indeed sometimes this used to get in the way as they often used to compete for service to Maharaj. Both enjoyed celebrating and organising festivals in Gadhada and it was because of this rivalry that Maharaj decided to split their service by announcing that Jeevuba should look after the festivals of the brighter half of the month and Laduba, the festivals of the darker half.

During Ankoot festival, Laduba managed to celebrate the Ankoot festival also, as according to the scriptures it is part of Diwali, which falls in the darker half. A fantastic celebration of Ankoot took place in the hands of Laduba and the feast prepared for the Ankoot was sumptuous. Maharaj remained manifested in the idols to accept all the dishes, which were offered with love.

Although a Princess of a Royal Heritage, Laduba enjoyed serving the saints of the order. Once, Laduba along with Dada’s wife were riding in a carriage on their way back to Gadhada. On their way they saw the saint Akhandanand. He had fallen severely ill. His body was dry of blood and his stomach had swelled. He lay in this state under a tree whilst other saints served him. Laduba could not bear to see this site with Swami in such pain and halted the carriage. She instructed the driver to take Swami in the carriage back to Gadhada whilst she walked back. Maharaj was immensely pleased with Laduba’s devotion to the saints.

Once Maharaj decided to go to Vadtal for satsang, which both Laduba and Jeevuba did not like as they could not bear to be apart from Maharaj. He mounted his mare and set out with the other Kathis. But the mare brought Maharaj back to the Darbar from the outskirts of town. Maharaj tried repeatedly to leave Gadhada but it was useless. Eventually he realised that the sisters were influencing the mare. After pacifying the sisters that he would return shortly, they gave Maharaj permission to leave. The mare then co-operated with Maharaj and they reached Vadtal. Premanand Swami, observing this incident wrote the kirtan, “Manakiye Chadiya Mohan Vanamari, Nathi Jati Darbarmathi Ghodi….”