Bhaguji was a Kshatriya by caste and born with a royal heritage. He was full of bravery and was therefore the main protector and guardian for Maharaj. At the time when Maharaj was developing the Sampraday there were many enemies, which stood in his way in the form of jealous ascetics and members of other scrupulous sects. To protect Maharaj from the threat of attacks from such persons, Bhaguji rendered unequalled service to the Sampraday with sword in hand. He remained awake day and night in guard and in this way dedicated his life to the service of Maharaj.

He was raised in Marvar. When talk of marriage prevailed, Bhaguji made it very clear that he wished not to dedicate his life to worldly things but wished to give his life at the feet of the Lord of World instead. With this in mind he left home in search of God. He arrived in Gadhada. On seeing Maharaj he was convinced that this was the Lord of the Words which he was in search of and so fell at his feet to be made His faithful servant forever.

He revealed his intention to Maharaj to become a Sadhu but Maharaj had other plans for him and thus he was made a faithful servant, as a Parshad able to take arms and defend Maharaj at will. Indeed Bhaguji was chivalry incarnate!

Once Khabad and Mataro arrived in Gadhada with two hundred men in order to fight for a disputed land of Dada’s. Maharaj sent Bhaguji along with a band of forty other Parshads to the site. The two parties met and fought. Khabad threw a blow of the sword on Bhaguji’s right arm, which disabled it. But Bhaguji was resilient and fought gallantly with his left hand! He threw an immense blow and cut both Khabad and his horse, defeating them. But during the fight, Bhaguji was left with the scars of 18 cuts.

Bhaguji was left in a terrible state to recuperate. Maharaj himself saw to his recovery and served him dearly. Indeed he was at his deathbed but Maharaj saw to it and fully revitalised him. His heroism was famed throughout India and he had received many invitations by Kings of States to employ him but Bhaguji was adamant in his service to Maharaj.

Indeed the life-time of Maharaj was full of episodes where Bhaguji had come to the defence of Maharaj and fought gallantly.

In this way Bhaguji served Maharaj greatly and there were none as great as he was in valour. He was firmly devoted to Maharaj. After Maharaj departed to Dham, Bhaguji went to Ahmedabad and served Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj. After which, he went to Muli and left his mortal body there to forever serve Maharaj in Akshardham.