Parvatbhai was comparable to Janak and Ambarish as a great devotee of Maharaj. Even as a householder, he was firm in his discipline of renunciation and free from worldly effects.

He lived in Agatrai of Saurastra and was initiated into the Sampraday by Ramanand Swami. He received the first darshan of Maharaj in Piplana when he was residing there with Swamishree. Swami explained to him that the young Varni was God Incarnate. From that day his attachment to Maharaj grew.

After Swami departed, Parvatbhai began to firmly devote himself to Maharaj always. It did not matter what Parvatbhai was doing. Whether it be tending to the farm or household tasks, Parvatbhai would be meditating on Maharaj. Because of this profound devotion, Maharaj himself used to appear to receive his pooja. One incident of this is remembered.

Once Parvatbhai was tending to the fields. Whilst doing so he was fully absorbed in darshan of Maharaj, engrossed in Manasi Pooja. Parvatbhai visualised giving Maharaj Yoghurt and Rotlo. But the other people around him thought that Parvatbhai was asleep and so shook him to wake him up. On waking up it was seen that yoghurt and the rotlo that he was offering to Maharaj had fallen to the ground form his hand! This was the nature of his intense meditation.

Parvatbhai was firmly dedicated to the Saints of the order. He had great respect and admiration for them as it is through them that one is able to realise the glory of God. Maharaj appreciated Parvatbhai’s devotion and often used to praise him in public. He would not hesitate in giving up his all to Maharaj.

Maharaj has celebrated great festivals in Agatrai such as Janamashtmi.

Once Gopalanand Swami came to Parvatbhai’s home when he and his son Meghji were due to leave on pilgrimage. Parvatbhai said to his son, “Look dear son, the places of pilgrimage have come to us in human form here. Perform his darshan and meet with him.” However Meghji did not realise the greatness of Swami and so they left for the pilgrimage. On the outskirts of the village, they saw a group of 59 divine forms, which were in actual fact the divine forms of the 59 places of pilgrimage. When asked where they were going they replied, “We have heard that Gopalanand Swami is in this village and so we are performing circumabulation of the village. We reside at the feet of Gopalanand Swami!”

Meghji realised his mistake and darted back to the village and fell at the feet of Swami.

This is the greatness of Parvatbhai who had full realisation of the greatness of God and his Sadhus.